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Fresh Local Food

We Believe in Local and Organic Food and Love to Share it With Our Guests

For Those Who Appreciate a Cooked Meal Made From Scratch

Treat yourself and your date to homemade goodness when you take the time to enjoy a meal at the Owl Sprit Cafe.

We’re All About Our Locals — But We’re Glad to Have Our Out-of-Town Guests as Well

Welcome To The “City of Dreams” and Home to the Owl Sprit Cafe


Port Townsend Washington is a Victorian Seaport located in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. It was founded April 24, 1851 and is filled with historic architecture.

This city by the sea is the home of artists, musicians, dreamers, thinkers and visionaries. Festivals and events such Kinetic Sculpture Race, Rhody Fest, the Steam Punk Festival, the Writers’ Workshop and the highly acclaimed Port Townsend International Film Festival¬†happen all year long and help create a rich environment for locals and tourists alike.

Port Townsend also features a lively local food and entertainment scene and has a great collection of art galleries. Whether its a walk by the beach, admiring the ships in our local docks, visiting the skate park or enjoying a great meal, there is much to do in Port Townsend, and all a relaxed and easy pace.







Our Hours and Location


11:00am - 7:30pm

218 Polk Street, Port Townsend WA 98368


Our Menu


We have a new fresh soup every day. 


Try our garden salad, apple bleu cheese salad, taco salad and more.


Our smoothies feature your choice of fresh fruit, juice, yogurt and kombucha.


We have burgers, sliders, tacos, burritos and kebobs.

Appetizers (after 5)

For an appetizer, choose a bread plate or our famous sweet potato fries.

Pasta (after 5)

Spaghetti and meatballs, chicken linguine, puttenesca and more.


Creme brule, pies, cakes, pots de creme, bread pudding and cookies.